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Well - there really isnt't any we. I am just one person who feels the need for this service, and I am providing it free for all to use. There are no strict requirements (other than those courtesies mentioned below) involved in this site. I do not share information, or give out any information on our ads, visitors, or postings. And this project is entirely funded by me in hopes of making a difference to those trying to get by.

This site is for you, the average family, trying to keep afloat in these tough and trying times. Maybe you can trade someting you have to someone else who may have something you want - post it here and see.

Or if you have stuff you don't need anymore and want to sell it - post it here.


Before you post anything, you need to register. Please click the link on the front page of my site (it is at the top) and fill out only what you are comfortable with. I only require your user name you have chosen and your email address - nothing else, so you can leave any fields beyond those blank (its a template, and I am still working on how to modify and remove those unwanted queries.)


After you have registered (and confirmed your registration via email) log into the site. At the top of the first page, you will find a row of buttons - choose the one that says "Submit Ad".

When you arrive at that link, it will ask you to select a category. Choose the category you think best suits your need, the click "go". You will then be able to enter your item for posting on my site. You may post a photo of your item if you wish by selecting "browse" so that you can find the image on your local machine.

You will also be asked to give your ad a title - be brief but concise (this is what will draw folks to your ad).

You then should provide an adequate description of your item so people will know what you are selling or trading. Be as detailed as you feel you need to be. DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, NAMES, ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS HERE OR ANYWHERE ON YOUR POSTING.

When you are done with the above simple steps, you will be asked to validate your ad by entering a series of characters (this tells me you are a human kind of person, not some web bot trying to crash my site!) This will post your ad by clicking the OK button.

You can always log in and edit your ad whenver you want to.


Anyone interested in your ad will simply click on a button that says "REPLY TO THIS POSTING" which in turn will generated an automated email to you with the prospective buyer/traders interest. I suggest you communicate with these folks via email before agreeing to meeting, calling, or otherwise giving up your personal information.

I'll work on this FAQ sheet later, so in the meantime if you need anything at all don't hesitate contacting me with your questions or issues. Email me anytime, and enjoy the site!

Thanks, Cedar Park Trader